Video Games, Architectural visualization and Renders.



 – – – GameAssetFactory was created in order to provide polished content for games, architectural visualization, cinematics, applications and other projects – – –

 – – – Our philosophy is to produce digital assets with a constant level of quality, flexibility and its unique touch – – –

 – – – Our toolset is meant to be complete, powerful and efficient in order to be comfortable in every situation – – –



Ready-to-use packs

Our packs provide ready-to-use assets which are grouped by theme or functionality. We focus on giving complete solutions in order to prevent from additional work for our customers. Finally, assets are easily customizable and adaptable to any project.

Custom work

If you want extra models, materials, textures or whatever for an existing pack, you can contact us via the “contact” page.
Game Asset Factory is also available for on-demand work; it can be full environments, scenes, unique 3D models, materials, textures or functionality for your project. Every asset produced will fit with your artistic and technical direction.


From stylized to realistic environments, Game Asset Factory provides solutions for every situation, using Hard-surface, organic modeling or Photogrammetry technique. Environments are generally composed of different asset types, like landscapes, 3D models, materials (shaders), textures, etc. This way, you can use pre-made scenes or create your own with our quality assets.

3D assets

Our ready-to-use 3D models are made to be integrated easily in any project. They are also meant to be customizable and resource-friendly. Every model come with its own materials, textures, LODs (Level of details) and collision. We offer a wide variety of models!


We like to keep things simple and powerful. Our process is to create one or several master materials that will be reused through different instances. Master materials are designed in a clear way with annotations and explicit descriptions.


Quality is assured by our support through corrections, upgrades and suggestions. Feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestion.

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